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Last night it was just Fitz, Wulfgar, and I at fencing practice so we had plenty of time to talk while we caught our breath between bouts.  We talked about the economy, politics, SCA odds and ends, the 60's, etc. and had a very pleasant time.  I spend so much of my time with people who see the world basically the way I do that its easy to forget that so many people seem to live in a different reality than i do.

This evening on NPR Teri Gross was interviewing a nice old religious leader (C. Peter Wagner) who believes that a number of individuals currently holding positions in our government are afflicted by demons (that would explain a lot), that "territorial spirits" afflict some cities, and that it would be wise for presidential candidates to get protection from witchcraft (but do it privately to avoid bad publicity).  Then there was a magazine article which mentioned that "thousands of Israeli employees were told to stay home from the World Trade center on 9/11."  Then there was a song on the radio about the glory of drinking all night and sleeping all day (despite blackouts, etc.).

When I peek outside the echo chamber it's scary
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Someone must have told the chipmunks.  A half-dozen of them were bouncing around in the grass by our office.

Later there was the most incredible yellow and black beetle nibbling on goldenrod in the backyard (see http://hybridbirder.blogspot.com/2010/10/black-and-yellow-beetles-on-goldenrod.html).

Not bad for the last gasp of Summer.
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I haven't been posting for a while (busy, things are good but busy).  I hope to get back to posting regularly.

The thing that spurred me to post today was stepping out the back door first thing in the morning and hearing the high school band practicing "Born to Be Wild."  Too surreal.
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The Agnostocalia Dahlia had sprouted again after being dormant for the winter, grew really tall, and was about to bloom when it suddenly was attacked by a massive force of spider mites.  It may or may not survive.  The theological implications boggle the mind.
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OK, nature won last year (i.e. the bunny rabbit kept getting into the garden despite two dogs and a rabbit fence and ate half of it).

Yesterday I planted some lettuce seeds.  This morning the rabbit was in the garden already even though nothing's up.  When I got to work, four wild turkeys were in front of the door.  When I left work, a raccoon was checking out the building next door.  When I got back home, the rabbit was back in the garden again.  Any bets on whether I get any vegetables this year?

It fits!

Feb. 26th, 2011 09:32 pm
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I finished sewing the sole onto the turnshoe I'm redesigning and got it turned right side out and it fits!  Now all I have to do is finish sewing it together, sew on the outsole, and repeat the process with the left shoe and I'll once again have a pair of period boots for fencing.
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Now the snow on the driveway has melted enough that there are two ridges of ice where the tires packed the snow down and the rest is nearly snow free. 

In other words, the driveway's nearly clear except where the cars drive.  Now we get to try to pull the cars out without sliding off the strips of ice.  Aahhh Cleveland.
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You may remember that B's Agnosticalia Dahlia (for Agnosticalia you're given a flower pot and told that a dahlia is planted in it but you don't know if a dahlia will come up or not) eventually sprouted and even bloomed after a fair amount of care and attention.  After blooming three times, it shriveled up and died.  The designated gardener (moi) kept watering it from time to time and it now has sprouted again and looks quite healthy.

Theological implications?  I should think so!
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1.  I finally got an inexpensive wireless headphones for my iPod.  Easy to set up, good sound quality, and I can listen while I do stuff without getting tangled in earbud wires or pulling the earbuds out of my ears.

2.  Somehow there's music on my iPod I didn't know was there.  "Pressing On" by John Doe?  Oh, that's from the "I'm Not There" soundtrack.  Cool.
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Yay for Joanns having 50% off their clearance fabrics.  $5 a yard for 100% wool (red and dark brown).  Happy hunting in clearance sections near you.

Ginger syrup!  Very tasty on waffles, found at World Market.

I'm reading a new book on medieval footwear (Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times Until 1800 - by Olaf Goubitz, Carol Van Driel-Murray, and Willy Groenman-Van Waateringe) which is very interesting and useful.  I'm afraid that I'll be at Tandy soon buying leather.

It was great to have the kids home for the holidays.  We now return to our regularly scheduled life (which isn't bad at all).
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According to NASA's gamma ray telescope, some thunderstorms blast beams of antimatter into space!  See the Science Daily article at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/01/110111132721.htm.
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Nice door, reasonable price, I just have one suggestion... 

I know it's a radical idea, but you might want to consider having the installation instructions actually correspond to reality.

When the instructions say to remove the glass by "snapping off the shipping clips" it would be really handy if there were shipping clips that snapped off rather than retaining strips that need to be removed intact so that they can be used again.  Yes, this would take some of the mystery and drama out of the process, but it would be a small price to pay. 

I agree, some of the challenge would be lost if the labels on the bags of hardware matched the labels used in the instructions.  However, I don't think this would kill the romance of storm door installation.

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Friday - Finally got back to writing on Friday afternoons after a long hiatus.  Worked on my "how to" article on time travel.  I think it will be done soon.  Friday evening we went dancing and weren't nearly as rusty as I expected.  It was fun to see our friends and we met a new couple.  There's talk of arranging some joint classes and/or going together the next time Pete's band plays somewhere convenient.

Saturday - A relaxed day of running errands, and getting things done, then we went out to the Greenhouse Tavern to celebrate our anniversary (30). A great dinner and a very nice time together.  We finished the evening by watching an old Woody Allen movie we'd never sees (Manhattan Murder Mystery).  Before the movie was done we found ourselves thinking and talking like Woody Allen.  Hysterical.

Sunday -  Yard work followed by a run, more puttering around the house, planning our trip to England, and work on our current sewing project.  Relaxing and getting things done.

Monday - For once I actually got around to planting some Fall vegetables, my usual Monday racketball game, chicken pot pie for dinner, starting to catch up on The Guild, and now time to collapse.
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Too busy but good.  This working for a living really gets in the way.

Having Z home for the Summer is lots of fun.  She's working at Cain Park which is turning out to be a good job for her and means free tickets for us.  Everybody wins!

Good music coming up:

     The Spring Standards June 15 at the House of Blues (reportedly a standing only show).  We saw them at Wilberts a few weeks ago and it was a great show and.  On most songs they're each playing 2 or 3 instruments simultaneously (and they do it well!).

     Dar Williams Friday Jul 02, 2010 at 08:00 pm at the Beachland Ballroom.  She's always great.
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Spring is here and if you're one of the chosen who received an Agnosticalia Dahlia last December, this would be a good time to plant it and see if anything comes up (if you haven't done so already).  Good luck.
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We finally got around to checking out Michael Symon's B-spot.  B and I split "Shroomage" burger (with portabella mushroom, blue cheese, steak sauce, and carmelized onions), Lola fries (with sea salt and rosemary), and a Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Bacon shake (sounds really strange doesn't it).  The burger was at least as good as any I've ever had, maybe the best.  The fries were definitely the best I've ever had.  The shake sounds really strange but it's actually quite good (adding the bourbon would make it even better).

Chocolate Banana Marshmallow shake next time?
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People in NYC were friendly and helpful.  Strangers on the subway noticed we were confused and volunteered to give us directions several times (whether or not they spoke English).  Two people leaving the subway gave us all-day passes that still had rides on them.  The cupcake shop gave us free samples.  This is not the way NYC used to be.

The directions we got from GoogleMaps left something to be desired but we coped and connected with X and Z fine and had a great time at an off-Broadway spaghetti western musical Bloodsong of Love.  Go see it if you get a chance.  It was amazing (also funny and bizzare).  Good performances, the best on-stage use of a treadmill that I can imagine, good on-stage gunfights, and all-around fun.

The next day we all went up to Boston for shopping, hanging out, and Japanese-style karaoke with X's friends.

It wasn't a restful weekend with all the driving but we had a good time.
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Check out http://www.nedandjane.com/.  Several alumni of the Alpha workshop for young writers of scifi/fantasy/horror are trying to raise scholarship funds by offering a girl-meets-zombie picture book.  You know you need one.  Check it out.

Also, tell any young writers you know about Alpha.  It is a great program (both of my kids are alumni).
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Our lone snowdrop is out from under the snowbank again and still blooming.  At least it thinks that Spring is coming.
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a warm gun?  (The Beatles, 1968)

Nah, it's a new sword.  I'll try it for the first time tonight at Wulfgar's unless we get another 6 inches of snow. :-)
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