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to put your iPod on shuffle. When the songs went from the Rolling Stones, to Girlyman, to a medieval song (Pastance With Good Company) it was pretty cool. However, next it went from Girlyman, to Simon and Garfunkle, to William Hung and that was just bad.  (It's not my fault.  The William Hung CD is Zan/Vreila's and got downloaded to my iPod by accident.)  I guess I need to figure out how to purge him.

Aside from William Hung it's been a very satisfying day... yard work on a beautiful morning followed by a household meeting (Bork is such an interesting, diverse, and warm group), hunting through clearance fabric at JoAnns (stay tuned for green braie-style pants), dinner at a new Mexican restaurant (El Tango Taqueria, try the soft tacos with pork and grilled pineapple), games with the family at home, watching "My Dinner with Andre" with Zan/Vreile, and finally a fresh fruit tart.  Sounds like it's about time for bed.
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It's incredible how suddenly seasons can change. All day our dinky little suburban yard was incredibly full of birds. I looked out the kitchen window this morning and there were two flocks of robins and three flocks of sparrows at the same time. Later the yard was packed with starlings.

It wasn't just our yard either. Birds were singing like mad all over the neighborhood. It certainly sounded as though they had all decided that Spring was here.

I hope they're right.


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